Innovative Packing Solution

The creators of this device, pictured at left--Riley Tillitson, Blake Hornung, Cody Stoecklein, and Jett Humburg--are students at Ness City High School. The students are enrolled in Mr. Brent Kerr's Carpentry and Production class and have been working hard on coming up with different ideas for making this box better. We originally had created this box using recycled cardboard, and have now found a new stronger more durable material called fluted plastic. 

In September of 2015, education guru and motivational speaker Kevin Honeycutt came to Ness City High School to speak to students about life choices. He then talked to Mr. Brent Kerr, the Industrial Technology instructor about constructing this project. Kevin has been a huge help with giving us ideas as well as putting our prototype to the test.